Blisters on a Drunkard’s Ears


A drunkard was walking down a street with blisters on both of his ears. A friend asked him what had happened to cause the blisters.

“My wife left the hot iron on, so when the phone rang, I picked up the iron by mistake.”

“Yes, but what about the other ear?”

“The damned fool called back!”


Many of us go through the motions of life mechanically, like a zombie or a robot. More than ninety-nine percent of the people in this world, even in a waking state, while going through the motions of life, basically lack awareness.

For example, take the simple task of washing our hands. Are we there hundred per cent focused on this small task? Most of us will let the tap water run over our hands while we are looking somewhere else and the mind is thinking of something else instead of being fully focused on washing our hands perfectly clean.

Most people are in too much of a torpor, alas, to have the slightest awareness of what they are doing to themselves.

People would never sin if they were aware that each time they sin it is themselves they are harming and damaging. One should understand the ignorance and lack of awareness that caused negative karma.

Unawareness dissolves when we shine the light of awareness on it. Many of us appear to be conscious, but unaware.

We need to become intensely aware of the Present Moment. We need to have a hundred per cent Presence in the present moment. Something could happen at any moment if we are not absolutely alert, absolutely awake, absolutely still, absolutely aware, we will miss it. We need to be present with our whole being, with every cell of our body.

We need to increase our awareness level by always
being in the present moment.

Living in the present means conscious action, not
mechanical movement.

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  1. Nimish Sharma

    Loved the analogy of awareness while washing hands!
    May I begin to have such awareness always. Thank you for sharing such a powerful article

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