As We Sow, So We Reap……


If we plant honesty, we will reap trust.

If we plant goodness, we will reap friends.

If we plant humility, we will reap greatness.

If we plant perseverance, we will reap victory.

If we plant consideration, we will reap harmony.

If we plant hard work, we will reap success.

If we plant forgiveness, we will reap reconciliation.

If we plant openness, we will reap intimacy.

If we plant patience, we will reap improvements.

If we plant faith, we will reap miracles.



If we plant dishonesty, we will reap distrust.

If we plant selfishness, we will reap loneliness.

If we plant pride, we will reap destruction.

If we plant jealousy, we will reap trouble.

If we plant laziness, we will reap stagnation.

If we plant bitterness, we will reap isolation.

If we plant greed, we will reap loss.

If we plant gossip, we will reap enemies.

If we plant worries, we will reap wrinkles.

If we plant sin, we will reap guilt.


So we must be careful what we plant now, it will determine what we will reap tomorrow.


The evil we do remains with us and the good we do returns to us manifold.

This is the Law of Karma


We may learn wisdom: by reflection, which is noblest; by imitation, which is easiest; by experience, which is the bitterest.” – Confucius

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