Why Worry? Let Go, Let Him Run It!!


A wealthy man was always full of anxiety and worry. Though he had everything the world could give, his heart was not happy. He had a servant who knew what it was to trust in the Lord.


One day, when he found his master worrying himself to death, he said to him, “Master, is it not true that the Lord ran this world before you were born into it?”

“Yes!” said the master.

“Is it not true, that the Lord will run this world after you leave it?”

Again the master said, “Yes!”

The servant replied saying, “Then, won’t it be wise to let the Lord run the world while you are in it?



We have made a habit of worrying and consider that as a normal thing and if we don’t have anything to worry at all we become uncomfortable! We feel it is not a normal situation, something is amiss!

Worry gives a small thing a big shadow. If worrying can increase your wealth, go ahead and worry. If worrying can cure your sickness, go ahead and worry. If worrying can prolong your life, go ahead and worry. If worrying can bring happiness, go ahead and worry. Worrying doesn’t lead to anything except wasting our precious time and energy. Our kids come with their own praarabdha (destiny) and their lives will proceed according to their praarabdha. In fact we should not worry about anything.


The faculty of imagination is for creativity.

It should not be misused for worrying.


Whatever is destined not to happen will never happen, try as you may. Whatever is destined to happen will anyway happen, do what you may to prevent it. This is certain. 


So, there is no point in worrying about anything. We focus on what should be the priority in the present moment and act on it without bothering about past regrets and future anxiety about the result of our action. What we need to do is to discharge our duties to the best of our abilities in the present moment and leave the rest to Him.


Either think or worry. The choice is yours. Thinking is not the same as worrying. Thinking leads to solution. Worrying leads to further anguish and anxiety.


Be carefreenot careless.

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  1. Chintu

    It’s so true to find people who feel something has been going wrong when they have nothing to worry about for half an hour.Maybe, many of us were brought up believing that if we laugh and remain cheerful for some time,we have to be prepared to shed tears and suffer very soon. It is high time we came out of the limiting beliefs.Guruji’s sayings and guidance can lead us to light.

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