Seeing the Bright or Positive Side of Life

A king had a dream in which he found that all his teeth had fallen out except one tooth. He wanted an interpretation of the dream.

A dream interpreter was sent for. He consulted the ancient books and said to the king, “O king! This is the most unfortunate dream. It signifies that all your near and dear ones, children, wife, relatives, will die before you during your lifetime.”

The king was utterly disappointed and ordered that the dream interpreter be thrown into prison.


Yet another dream interpreter was called for. He, too, consulted the same ancient books and said, “O king! This the most fortunate dream. This is a day for celebrations because, this dream signifies that you will survive all your near and dear ones. You will have the longest lifespan. You will rule the longest compared to your forefathers. Long live the king!”

The king felt happy and richly rewarded the dream interpreter.



Both the dream interpreters said the same thing, but the method of conveying the message was different. Subsequently, one was punished while the other was rewarded for the same message. There is an art of conveying unpleasant or negative message without making the receiver of the message feel miserable or offended. We should learn the art of seeing positive side of things.


In life we should always see the bright or positive side of life. This way we will always be happy and make others also happy!

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  1. Chitti Babu -  March 19, 2019 - 8:24 am

    The value of speaking of the brighter things in life clearly brought out in the story.


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