Value What You Have…!


The owner of a small business, a friend of the poet Olavo Bilac, met him on the street and asked him, “Mr. Bilac, I want to sell my small farm, the one you know so well. Could you please write an announcement for me for the newspaper?”


Bilac wrote:

FOR SALE: A beautiful property, where birds sing at dawn in extensive woodland, bisected by the brilliant and sparkling waters of a large stream. The house is bathed by the rising sun. It offers tranquil shade in the evenings on the veranda.”


Some time later, the poet met his friend and asked whether he had sold the property.

To which he replied, “I’ve changed my mind. When I read what you have written, then only I realized the treasure that I have.”


What we learn

Sometimes we underestimate the good things we have, chasing after the mirages of false treasures.


We often see people letting go or neglect their children, their spouses, their families, their friends, their profession, their knowledge — accumulated over many years, their good health — the good things in life.


They squander away what God has given them so freely — things which were nourished with so much care and effort.


We should learn to appreciate what we have — our home, our loved ones, friends on whom we can really count, the knowledge we have gained, our good health and all the beautiful things of life, that are truly our most precious treasure.


We can no longer shower kindness on those we love, after they have died.


It is useless to want to re-do the work that we may have done negligently, costing more in terms of time, effort and money. It’s best to appreciate and do things well now.


We should ask of God at every moment that our problems and concerns never degenerate into feelings of despair, sadness and anxiety.


God provides with the courage needed for victory in our struggle; because God gives in abundance what we need — not what we want.


We are all imperfect.


Therefore, we need to always praise, serve and value our family and do all we can to make it even better. We should always praise and value our work colleagues and see what we can do to improve our environment.


Instead of isolating ourselves because of weakness or failure, we should seek to invest in true and constructive friendships in our lives.


More than the things you have in your life, value who you have in your life.


Faith in God is necessary to strengthen self-esteem in dealing with our day-to-day problems.


Stay light on your feet and in your heart and dance.

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