Guru – The Spiritual Master


Guru‘s teaching is a mirror of words wherein we can see ourselves clearly.


A Master “takes away” only those things which we don’t have but we think we have. And he goes on “giving” us things, which we already have but have forgotten completely.

He who robs us of possessions is a thief and he who robs us of a sense of possession is a Master.

A master does not raise the dead but makes men dead to the world of ignorance and live in wisdom. A Master does not give sight to the blind eyes, but blind men to the world of ephemeral things and beings that cause attachment and bondage leading to sorrows and miseries. 


An enlightened Master systematically destroys every doctrine, every belief and every concept of the divine, for these things, which were originally intended as pointers, are now being taken as descriptions. When the sage points to the moon, all that the idiot sees is the finger.

A Master’s teaching is liberal education. In its truest sense, itfrees a person from the prison house of his class, caste, creed, race, religion, superstitions, place, nation, concepts, ideas, opinions, family, lineage, gender and even his / her false identity with the body, mind and intellect equipment.

A sculptor, on a block of stone, pounds away at anything that doesn’t look like the form he is sculpting. Similarly, a Master’s task is to hammer away at everything that isn’t who we really are: every thought, feeling, attitude, compulsion, identity that adheres to us from our culture and our past. 


We cannot ask a Master to fit into our conceptions of holiness. It is one thing that a man be a saint. It is quite another that he should seem saintly to us.

A Master’s quality can’t be determined by the size of the crowd he draws.

A Master may appear very ordinary to a lay man. He may be seen going through the motions of life doing daily chores as anyone else. When God makes a Master, he does not unmake the man. 

Masters cannot be comprehended by even the most powerful intellect. They are beyond that, though they insist they are superior to none and inferior to none.


A Master’s job is to teach people to laugh. A clown gets us to laugh at him, a Master teaches us to laugh at ourselves.


Masters go on teaching,

for the same reason that the rose gives fragrance;

for the same reason that the sun gives warmth and light;

for the same reason as the nightingale sings.

There is nothing else to do.


May the Guru Parampara (the lineage of Spiritual Masters) continue to bless us with happiness, peace, health, long life, prosperity and Kaivalya Moksha (Realization of non-dual Self leading to freedom from all bondages and limitations). 

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  1. Chintu

    A Master’s Grace, Value and Nature — so beautifully presented.Thanks Guruji.

  2. Arshi

    Awesome article Swamiji! You described the qualities and blessings of real guru.

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