Easy and Difficult…


It is Easyto get a place in someone’s address book.
It is Difficult to get a place in someone’s heart and remain there. 


It is Easy to judge the mistakes of others.
It is Difficult to accept our own mistakes.


It is Easyto talk without thinking.
It is Difficultto restrain the tongue.


It is Easyto hurt someone who loves us.
It is Difficultto heal the wound.


It is Easyto forgive others.
It is Difficultto ask for forgiveness.


It is Easy to set rules.
It is Difficultto follow them.


It is Easyto dream every night.
It is Difficult to go out and toil to fulfill a dream


It is Easy to show off victory.
It is Difficult to accept defeat with dignity without losing heart.


It is Easyto admire a full moon.
It is Difficult to see the other side.


It is Easy to stumble down.
It is Difficultto bounce back.


It is Easyto promise something to someone.
It is Difficultto fulfill that promise.


It is Easyto say we love.
It is Difficultto show it every day through deeds. 


It is Easyto criticize others.
It is Difficultto improve oneself.


It is Easy to make mistakes.
It is Difficultto learn from them and never repeat them again. 


It is Easy to weep for a lost love.
It is Difficultto take care of it so as not to lose it. 


It is Easyto think about improving.
It is Difficultto stop thinking about it and put it into action. 


It is Easyto think bad of others.
It is Difficultto give them the benefit of doubt.


It is Easyto receive.
It is Difficult to give.


It is Easy to keep friendship with words.
It is Difficultto have a meaningful one.


It is Easy to read this.
It is Difficult to follow. 


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3 thoughts on “Easy and Difficult…

  1. nimish

    Great article. Simple but profound.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Subarna Lal Chitrakar

    Very Simple but carrying a lot of message of our mind situation . nice Guru ji

  3. Pr Narendraprana

    Hari Om Swamiji.

    Thanks for these true thoughts.

    With regards

    Pravrajika Narendraprana.

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