Three Things in Life…


Three things in life once gone never come back…

1) Words, 2) Opportunity, 3) Time


Three things in life are never sure…

1) Dreams, 2) Success, 3) Fortune


Three things in life that destroy a person…

1) Greed, 2) Arrogance, 3) Anger


Three things in life that once lost, hard to build up

1) Respect, 2) Trust, 3) Friends


Three things in life must not be lost…

1) Peace, 2) Hope, 3) Enthusiasm


Three things in life that make you a great person…

1) Hard work, 2) Sincerity, 3) Compassion


Three things in life are most valuable…

1) Love, 2) Self-respect, 3) Time


Do not cry if the Sun sets at the end of the day, because the tears will not let you enjoy the beauty of the Stars.

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  1. Chintu

    Concise, condensed, valuable. The example of the sunset,tears and stars drive home the point.

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