Thoughts to Reflect and Introspect


Death asked Life: “Why does everyone love you and hate me?” 

Life replied: Because I am a beautiful lie and you are a painful truth

For most of us who are ignorant of our Real Self death is the painful truth.

The easiest thing to do in life is a mistake; but our progress lies in accepting those mistakes and rectifying them. Remembering the lessons learnt from those mistakes is very important so that we don’t repeat them in the future.

Our refusal to accept our mistakes and not learning from them becomes an obstacle in our progress and evolution. When we don’t learn from our mistakes we are condemned to repeat them again and again.  

We are very good lawyers for our mistakes and very good judges for others’ mistakes.

World always say “Find good people and leave the bad ones.”

But one should find the good in people and ignore the bad in them because no one is born perfect. We are here to perfect ourselves, so it is normal to have imperfections. Therefore, we should not be disheartened if we have any flaws, defects, weaknesses or shortcomings; but we should have a strong urge to overcome them.

Egotism is the root of all evil. Our ego is the biggest and the only cause of all our miseries, sorrows and sufferings. Stronger the ego, more miserable the person; weaker the ego happier the person and the egoless one ever abides in infinite, eternal bliss. Spirituality is all about weakening and eventually dissolving this ego. 

Deceit and lies are the greatest enemies.

Anger is the worst emotion. In anger we get involved in actions, which we live to regret the rest of our lives.  

“Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured.” 

“He, who angers you, controls you!” 

“For every minute you are angry, you lose 60 seconds of happiness.”

Forgiveness is the most wonderful gift. Forgiveness is the best antidote for anger. When we forgive, we are freeing ourselves from the toxicity of anger which affects our body and mind. Forgiveness is the ornament or quality of the strong and courageous. The weak find it difficult to forgive. Forgive from the position of strength, not out of weakness, helplessness or cowardice.

Lack of faith is the greatest failure.

Faith is the greatest might on earth.

Lack of a sense of humor is the most serious human failing. Without a sense of humor and laughter, life would be bland and hellish. 

Optimism is the best medicine. It keeps up the enthusiasm in any activity we undertake.


Entire water in the ocean can never sink a ship unless it gets inside the ship.

All the pressures of life can never hurt us unless we let them in.

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