Teachings of Swami Chinmayananda


1) If I rest, I rust.


2) No hand can make the clock strike for me the hours that have passed.


3) The tragedy of human history is that there is decreasing happiness in the midst of increasing comforts and luxuries.

So we are comfortably and luxuriously miserable!!!


4) In life we get what we deserve, not what we desire and He knows what we deserve.


5) Disappointment can come only to those who make appointment with the future.


6) When the world kicks you, use it as an experience to grow.


7) The quality of a mind would determine how the ego would react to a given challenge.


8) “Renounce your ego” is the Lord’s only request. “And I will make you God” is the promise.


9) Live morality before you talk of it. Practice meditation before you preach it. Taste goodness before you recommend it. Gain bliss before you offer it to others.


10) True meditation can fashion out of any ordinary person an incomparable genius.


11) Scriptures or the spiritual texts are not books for intellectual studies. We must learn to assimilate these ideas and come to live them.


12) The sculptor does not create beauty, he only removes the ugliness that conceals the beauty. A seeker is a subjective sculptor. Through the study of scriptures (spiritual texts) and his own reflections, he strives to eliminate from himself the indiscipline of his body, mind and intellect that is veiling the divine beauty of his soul.


13) By realizing the best in us, not only do we open up a few windows in our own personality to bring in more light, but we become a source of light for others to draw inspiration.


14) By improving ourselves, we improve the world.


15) By his very nature, a sage has become perfect in his activities and thoughts. A sage cannot really do wrong, as he is free from ego.


16) The real guru is the pure intellect within and the purified, deeply aspiring mind is the disciple.


17) The guru is nothing but pure Consciousness, absolute Bliss and eternal wisdom.

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3 thoughts on “Teachings of Swami Chinmayananda

  1. Prabodh Shete

    The words to understand and to implement in ourself as seeds so that it will shot out from within to give what it is made for. awesome Swamiji Hari om

  2. Suhas Manohar Oak Advocate

    Nice new year gift swamiji.

  3. Chintu

    Very powerful thoughts to ponder over and to absorb little by little in order to overcome all the troubles created by our ego.Thanks Guruji for sharing such thoughts.

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