Something Valuable for Daily Living…




Never borrow from the future. If you worry about what may happen tomorrow and it doesn’t happen, you have worried in vain. Even if it does happen, you have to worry twice.”

Worrying is like paying interest when it is not due.


1) Pray
2) Go to bed on time.
3) Get up on time so you can start the day unhurried.
4) Say No to projects that won’t fit into your time schedule or that will compromise your mental health.




5) Delegate tasks to capable people.
6) Simplify and unclutter your life.
7) Allow extra time to do things and to get to places. 
8) Pace yourself. Spread out big changes and difficult projects over time; don’t lump the hard things all together. 




9) Take one day at a time. 
10) Separate worries from concerns. If a situation is a concern, find out what God would have you do and let go of the anxiety. If you can’t do anything about a situation, accept it.
11) Live within your budget; don’t use credit cards for ordinary purchases.




12) Have backups — an extra car key in your wallet, an extra house key buried in the garden, extra stamps, etc.
13) K.M.S. (Keep Mouth Shut). This single piece of advice can prevent an enormous amount of trouble. Even a fish won’t get into trouble if it keeps its mouth shut.
14) Do something for the kid in you every day.




15) Carry a spiritually enlightening book with you to read while waiting in line.
16) Get enough rest.
17) Eat right and at proper meal times.
18) Get organized so everything has its place.




19) Listen to a tape while driving that can help improve your quality of life.
20) Write down thoughts and inspirations.
21) Every day, find time to be alone.
22) Having problems? Talk to God on the spot. Try to nip small problems in the bud. Don’t wait until it’s time to go to bed to try and pray.
23) Make friends with spiritually evolved people.




24) Keep a folder of favorite scriptures on hand.
25) Remember that the shortest bridge between despair and hope is often a good “Thank you Lord.”
26) Laugh. Laugh some more!
27) Discharge your duties sincerely, but don’t take anything seriously, including yourself. There is not a shred of evidence to prove that life is serious.
28) Develop a forgiving attitude (most people are doing the best they can).




29) Be kind to unkind people (they probably need it the most).
30) Sit on your ego.
31) Talk less; listen more.
32) Slow down.
33) Remind yourself that you are not the general manager of the universe.
34) Every night before bed, think of one thing you’re grateful for, that you’ve never been grateful for before.

God has a way of turning things around for us.


If God is for us, who can be against us?

(Romans 8:31)




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3 thoughts on “Something Valuable for Daily Living…

  1. Ghazal

    It’s very encouraging

  2. Atharva Bonde

    Hari Aum!
    Thanks Swamiji, these tips are really helping me in my day-to-day mundane life, making it peaceful, organized and better.
    This suggestive wealth is priceless and precious.
    Hari Aum!

  3. Pr Narendraprana

    Hari Om Swamiji,
    Life making principles, presented in very simple and interesting way, if applied in daily routine, can turn a savage into a saint.

    Thanks with regards.

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