Rush (Work) and Rest—Management Mantra


When we Rush and Reach, we get Recognition from others. When we Rest and Remain, we get Realization of Self. When we combine both, we manifest our Vision.

Usually we are either in the Rush (work) mode or Rest Mode…..

The whole sense of Management is that, either Rush or Rest.

That is why we have concepts of five days a week, once a year one month vacations and the distinctions between work days and holidays.

For us to manifest our vision, there can never be these dualities of Rush (work) and Rest. Vision is aligning our energies to manifest our creations…means we are bringing about integration. Now we cannot integrate from the basis and premises of duality. No oneness can be brought about from the basis of dualities. One can be sure that all people who manifest their vision or realize their dreams never have the distinction of Work and Rest. They are never caught up in the nine-to-five routine.

Some of the prime examples are of the great painters, sculptors, musicians, scientists, etc., who brought out their masterpieces or their best when they had dissolved the distinction between work and rest. Work itself became a means of relaxation and rejuvenation as well as stimulating and gratifying—an expression of love.

It’s the same for them. Both are one. There is NO DIFFERENCE.

When Work and Rest are separate it brings rajas (dynamism, activity, passion) and tamas (inertia, inactivity, lethargy, impurity, delusion, dullness). Work becomes rajas (Performance—Target, Deadline, Goal and Ambition).

Rest becomes tamas. (Indulgence, Stimulation and Gratification)

Only when Work and Rest are one it is sattva (purity, knowledge, nobility, goodness (Expression, Inclusion, Effortlessness and vision).

When Rush (work) and Rest mode are separate Rest becomes indulgence and stimulation and not Rejuvenating or Refreshing. Work does not anymore remain expression of our Natural Self but only a mere result / performance oriented task that just remains to be completed or accomplished. When we are too much focused on the result and meeting the deadline, it takes away our attention from the task at hand in the present moment, resulting in less than perfect work. We just want to Rush through our work and also subsequently Rush through our Rest. So joy is neither experienced in work nor in rest. Only stimulation on both sides causes overall exhaustion and reduces the creative and contributing span of one’s life. When we separate Rush (work) and Rest we get into the Routine mode of Life. It is monotonous, repetitive and unnatural.

When we align Rush (work) and Rest we get into the RHYTHM of Life. It is Dynamic, Creative and Natural.

We need to shift our lives from Routine to Rhythm.

Likewise spirituality cannot be separated from our daily lives.

It is a twenty-four hours full-time job.


It is one with the Rhythm of Life.

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