What gets noticed, what makes a change, what will make things happen, what creates momentum, what gets talked about, what gets impossible things done, what inspires loyalty, what is in demand, what wins against odds, what creates history — are remarkable things and events. Remarkable is an awesome word. It is worth making a remark about.

Commitment + courage + character, brings in the remarkable. Their presence is compulsory to ‘be’ remarkable.

When we have them, in the worst of our times, we still believe in a glorious future. This is remarkable.

When disappointments inspire us to higher levels of determination, it is remarkable.

When in defeats we are graceful, it is remarkable.

When in victories, we are humble, it is remarkable. We have values and principles. To live by values and principles always involves paying a heavy price. We gladly pay the price knowing it is not easy but necessary. As the soldiers of Sparta (ancient Greece) would say, freedom is never free. Similarly, self respect is never easy. It is tested often in a variety of situations and circumstances. Living by values and principles, paying the necessary price give us true self respect. Doing whatever it takes to live a life with self respect, is remarkable.

Can we create a movement that will touch hundreds of lives? If we do so, we are remarkable.

Can we create a business organization where customers and colleagues are proud to be associated with us? If we do so, we are remarkable.

Can we create a family where everyone feels peaceful, valued, confident, important and loved? If we do so, we are remarkable.

Can we share the surplus we have, believing this is the reason we have been given the surplus? If we do so, we are remarkable.


We should live so well that — we are always cheerful. This will be remarkable.


We should live so well that — we do not expire on our death bed; our presence is felt here even beyond death. This will be remarkable.


We should live so well that — when we leave, we are still here through what we have accomplished. This will be remarkable.


We should live so well that — when we are there, others crave for our company and when we are not there they miss us badly. This will be remarkable.


We should live so well that — we inspire even in our absence. This will be remarkable.


We should live so well, that our presence, our actions, our speech and our thoughts make people happy. This will be remarkable.


Don’t live an ordinary life. Begin today!

Do something remarkable today.

Live a Remarkable Life.

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  1. Sanjay

    I am truly inspired with this article…
    So I pray to God to give me strength to making myself REMARKABLE.
    Then I can also say I live Remarkable Life.

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