Overcome Challenges and Excel……!!


A Chinese girl with no fingers on one hand wows on piano……..

A video of a young Chinese girl playing the piano:

The footage may force us to examine the excuses we make not to tackle those major challenges in our own life.

“Souvenir D’enfance” by Richard Clayderman is not an easy piece to play. The girl plays beautifully, with the sort of lyrical maturity not often found in youngsters new to their instruments.

What is even more impressive is that she first sat down at a piano a mere three years ago. And if that wasn’t enough to wow you, she has no fingers on her right hand.

One may be humbled by the strength and beauty of this young woman’s spirit.

Overcome Challenges and Excel……!!


Watch the amazing performance after launching the video.

Chinese girl playing amazing piano without fingers on her right hand



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