Our Gratitude to all the Spiritual Masters for their Teachings


“You can teach a student a lesson for a day, but if you can teach him to learn by creating a sense of curiosity, he will continue the learning process the rest of his life.”


“I want the end to this very seeking. I want a situation where I do not need anything. I have been a beggar all through my life, now begging money, then begging power, then joy, then love, then progeny and so on. But I don’t seem to be satisfied. I want to eradicate this beggar in me.”


Our real problem is not one of lacking something, but of not knowing that we do not lack anything.


The only thing that is illusory is the idea or the notion that the world has an existence separate from us. This sense of separateness is the illusion.


Certain obstacles “within” me prevent me from knowing and owning up my Real Self. I have to do nothing, but simply eliminate these obstacles, which tend to create an apparent distance between me, the seeker and me the sought.


One ray of the sun is enough to wake up a sleeping man in a dark room. A ray of light can be grasped — but not with our hands. Enlightenment cannot be attained with our effortsbut can be discovered.


To remain cool and calm, even amongst sinners, see:

The butterfly in the caterpillar;
The tall stout tree in a weak seed;
The chicken in the egg and
The saint in a selfish person”


To say the right thing at the right time we need to be silent most of the time.


May all the great spiritual Masters always guide us on the spiritual path.

May their Grace and Blessing be always upon us.

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