On Matters of Life


1) “The more we think negatively, the more compulsive our mind is about negative things.” E. Tolle 


People tend to focus more on the negative than on the positive. If we want to do an hour of yoga and do just 40 minutes, we will probably focus on the 20 minutes we didn’t, rather than the 40 minutes we did. The result of this focus is that the mind becomes obsessed with the negative and without realizing it, it becomes a critical, accusative and stressful factor that adversely affects every step we take.


2) “When we complain, we become a victim.” E. Tolle


Getting ourselves used to not complaining sounds like fiction an impossible thing. Complaining means not accepting what exists, which results in an unconscious negative charge. When we complain, we make ourselves a victim.


If we want to change a given situation, we should take initiative, talk, leave, get away or accept the situation as it is. Remember that what we react to in others is strong within us too and everything we resent in others exists in us as well.


Learn to live at zero complaint level.


3) “Every addiction begins with pain and ends with pain.” E. Tolle


Addiction is something that exists in most of our lives; we indulge in alcohol, cigarettes, narcotics drugs, food, shopping, gambling and even people. The common denominator of all these addictions is that they start with pain and end with pain, and stem from an unconscious refusal to deal with the anguish in us and move on. Addiction is to use something or someone to cover up suffering. It is a wrong approach to overcoming suffering.


Sorrow ceases to exist by transforming the very ground from which sorrow springs.      


4) “When we fight, we strengthen the pain.” E. Tolle


If we accept life as it is, we can reach a state of grace, calm and enlightenment. This frees us from the perception that things must be a certain way in order for us to be happy. When we fight, we strengthen the source of pain, and when we resist, we continue it. 


The moment we overcome dependence on any place, time object, people, relationships and circumstances for happiness, we are free from this bondage and that itself brings happiness. Dependency is a cause of bondage and any bondage is a cause of misery.  


5) Life will give us whatever experience is most helpful for our evolution at the spiritual level.


People complain about difficult experiences that “plague” them throughout their lives. Mostly the complaints are regarding relationship issues, health issues, financial issues and so on. They constantly crib about their lives being riddled with misery, sorrow and pain. 


Life gives us the lessons we need not necessarily the ones we want to bring about the development of the spiritual layer of our personality. A piece of stone has to undergo painful chipping and polishing to become a beautiful idol.  


6) Let go the past and move on. 


In order to make room for new experiences and new people, we must let go of the past. This requires courage. Moreover, there will be changes that might seem negative on the surface, but we must recognize the past, learn from our mistakes, forgive ourselves and then move on and focus on the present.


Our relationship with past should be limited to the lessons learnt. 


7) “Any action is better than no action.” E. Tolle


If we are stuck for a long time in a state of unhappiness, sometimes taking action is preferable to inaction. If the action we have taken is a mistake, at least we will have learned something from it and then it will no longer be a mistake. If we remain in a state of stagnation and unhappiness, we will learn nothing.  


8) Not pursuit of happiness, but the discovery of infinite bliss is the purpose of life.  


Pursuit of happiness could have been possible if it were something external. Happiness derived from and dependent on external factors are only at the level of the sense organs and are momentary. The source of infinite bliss is within us. That is where we have to discover it. 


9) Don’t take life too seriously.


Seriousness is a disease, but seriousness has been praised, respected, honored. Actually, being serious is against our very nature, which is of absolute, infinite, eternal bliss. 


Don’t take yourself too seriously. There is not a shred of evidence to prove that life is serious. When we realize the eternal blissful Self, we can never ever be serious in life. Then the entire existence is nothing but an encyclopedia of jokes!! 


Life is not a tragedy. It is a comedy for those who have a deeper insight into the reality or rather the unreality of this existence!!

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