Nine Things God Won’t Ask…


God won’t ask what kind of car we drove. He’ll ask how many people we helped get where they needed to go


God won’t ask the square footage of our house. He’ll ask how many people we welcomed into our home. 


God won’t ask about the clothes we had in our closet. He’ll ask how many we helped to clothe. 


God won’t ask what our job title was. He’ll ask if we performed our job to the best of our ability. 


God won’t ask what our highest salary was. He’ll ask if we compromised our character to obtain it.


God won’t ask how many friends we had. He’ll ask how many people to whom we were a friend. 


Good friends are like stars…

We don’t always see them, but we know they are always there.  


God won’t ask in what neighborhood we lived. He’ll ask how we treated our neighbors.


God won’t ask about the color of our skin. He’ll ask about the content of our character.


God won’t ask why it took us so long to seek Salvation. He’ll lovingly take us to our mansion in Heaven, and not to the gates of hell.



The beginning of wisdom is silence.

The second step is listening.”


Silence the mind and listen.

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