This is a simple test to show that it all boils down to one’s attitude.


Live in the here and now, neither in the past nor in the future.

The mind has a tendency to dwell in the past or wander into the future. The mind forges a chain to bind itself to the dead past or to an uncertain future, constantly avoiding the present.

Life is neither lived in the tomb of the dead moments of the past nor in the womb of the unborn moments of the future. Life is not a continuous procession of past regrets and future anxieties. Never ever live with regret. We cannot change a single moment of our past. Life is lived dynamically in the present. The present moment is all that we have at our disposal.

The mind should be freed from the past, which exists but as memory, and the future, which exists but as worry—a mixture of fear and hope. Only the present is. It is a ‘present’ from God. Reality is to love and respect our ‘present’.

Life doesn’t wait for any specific, place, time, situation, circumstances, condition or environment to become conducive or favorable.


Live in the present moment with intense awareness, here and now, irrespective of the circumstances, rather than having a mechanical existence going through the motions of life.


“The best use of life is to invest it in something that will outlast life.”

William James

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