How to Develop Gratitude for the Numerous Things We ALREADY HAVE?

If we look around the world, we will realize that the design of nature is so very perfect. Everything functions meticulously with mathematical precision in our favour and yet, we have a tendency to complain when we lack certain things in life. This craving for what we do not have is ingratitude. Think about the number of years we have been arrogating various provisions. If we were to pay for these provisions, it would add up to several digits.

The law of gravity is maintained perfectly. The Ozone layer in the ionosphere is designed to prevent ultraviolet rays. Oxygen is heavier than all other gases so it remains on the ground for us to breathe, and all other poisonous gases rise into the atmosphere. Who is responsible for this? There seems to be an unseen benefactor. We need to be grateful to the unseen provider!

Further, imagine if we were to set up a family on the moon, imagine the number of things we would have to take care of like water, the atmospheric condition, and millions of other designs of nature?

We take many things for granted because they are already taken care of, and yet, we are ungrateful for all the provisions.

If we examine our life within us, we find so many things that can go wrong, but they are maintained ingeniously. Therefore, when our mind desires something that we do not have, we should count the blessings and focus on those things that we already have.

We have to be aware of our provisions and our provider. Thereafter, we will be able to develop an attitude of gratitude. Devotion to the Supreme is essence in this attitude of gratitude.

Marcus Aurelius recommended the technique to “Think of what you have rather than what you lack. Of the things you have now, select the best and then reflect how eagerly you would have sought them, if you did not have them.”


We should always be THANKFUL to that unseen and unknown
Benefactor and Provider for giving us a wonderful LIFE!

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