Arunima Sinha: An Example of Courage, Determination and Positive Mental Power…!!!


Very often we get disheartened and discouraged by small setbacks in our lives and give up easily on what we want to achieve. Physical handicap or other obstacles no doubt tend to pull us down. But the biggest handicap or obstacle is our own negative mind-set. When our attention shifts from our goal, then whatever we see is an obstacle. If we are determined and stay focused on our goal, positive mental power can overcome all handicaps, setbacks and obstacles. 

National volley ball player of India, Arunima Sinha is one such person who has proved this in her life after one of her legs had to be amputated. Generally, after such a handicap we tend to keep our goals and ambitions limited to pursuits more suitable to our new physical reality — but not Arunima Sinha. She chose the toughest goal which tests the physical and mental endurance of even the best and fittest of able bodied people.

She climbed Mount Everest!!!  

She did it in just about two years after she lost her leg! She has vowed to conquer seven tallest peaks in seven continents and she has already conquered four of those!!


Very courageous indeed….!!


Watch this very inspiring video here:

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  1. Sanjay

    First of all a grand salute to ARUNIMA SINHA one of the great personality….unbelievable about the courage of her….and her will power……she has proved that everything is possible if their is will from your inner soul… We can do anything if our willpower is strong…She has proved the whole world that how to walk without legs….so it proves that nothing is lost if any of our body part is lost…until our soul and its power to achieve is intact. I am really touched with the fact of ARUNIMA SINHA through which she has gone….God bless her with lots of success and she becomes the most motivational personality for whole world.

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