Anxious about Uncertainty?


There are many situations or circumstances in life that may cause us to feel uncertain or insecure. A new place, a new neighborhood, a new relationship, a new job, a health problem, financial issues, the loss of a loved one… in such situations it is hard for us to determine where our lives may be headed. There is always a fear of the unknown, the unfamiliar. A future mired in uncertainties is, no doubt, difficult to deal with. At such times we need some insightful thoughts that can motivate us, inspire us and give us the courage to face the future with confidence, no matter how uncertain it may be.


The same boiling water that softens the carrot, hardens the egg. It’s what we are made of, not our circumstances, that determines how we deal with it effectively and make the most of it, and not succumb to it.


Let go of the need to control the outcome. In our evolutionary process we have always striven to control the forces of nature, to harness it for our benefit, so that overall life becomes more predictable. In reality, we can never be fully in control of anything. So, Trust the process. Trust your intuition. Trust yourself and accept whatever the outcome.


If you live in fear of the future because of what happened in your past, you will end up losing the joy of living in the present.


“The future can awaken in a more beautiful way than the past.” – George Sand, French Novelist


Learn to accept rather than expect and you will have far fewer disappointments. Have no expectations whatsoever from anyone or anything.


“If you have appointment with future, you will suffer from disappointment.”

– Swami Chinmayananda


Take things as it comes and accept it with equanimity. We should not let disappointments enter our minds.


“Don’t be afraid to take an unfamiliar path. Sometimes they are the ones that take you to the best places.”


“Be at ease with not knowing for sure what might come next, but know that whatever it is, you will be fine.”


“Don’t call it uncertainty, call it adventure, wonder. Don’t call it insecurity, call it freedom.”


“When you become comfortable with uncertainty, infinite possibilities open up in your life.”


“Never be limited by other people’s limited imaginations.” – Dr. Mae Jemison, American Astronaut and Physician


A mind that is stretched by new experiences can never go back to its old dimensions.”

Olive Wendell Holmes, Jr.


“If you want something you have never had then you have to do something you have never done.”


“The time will pass anyway, you can either spend it creating the life you want or spend it living the life you don’t want. The choice is yours.” – Unknown


“Stop worrying about what you have to lose and start focusing on what you have to gain.”


“When you try to micro-manage everything, you enjoy nothing. Sometimes you just need to relax, breathe, let go and live in the moment.”


The ordainer controls the fate of jeeva-s (finite egos identified with the body, mind and intellect equipment) in accordance with their praarabdha karma (destiny). Whatever is destined not to happen will not happen, try as you may. Whatever is destined to happen will happen, do what you may to prevent it. This is certain. The best course, therefore, is to remain silent.

A great spiritual Master, Bhagavan Ramana Maharishi’s written answer to his mother

Don’t let the uncertainty of your future dishearten you, discourage you or bring you down.


Work for a cause, not for applause.

Live life to express, not to impress.

Don’t strive to make your presence noticed,

just make your absence felt.” Unknown

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