Another Example of Selfless Service (Nishkaama Karmayoga): Vaidya Narayana Murthy, a Living Legend


Narayana Murthy, no, we are not talking about our well known IT czar from Benagluru, but this lesser known person from the same state, Karnataka, India, excels in helping thousands of patients ailing from different diseases, from kidney stones to heart diseases to different kinds of cancers.

Popularly known as Vaidya Narayana Murthy, around 60 years of age, is from a small village called Narasipura (also known as Narayanpura), which is around 38 km from Shimoga, Karnataka, India.


Murthy, basically a Brahman farmer, carries the age-old family tradition of free Ayruvedic treatment with the help of some NGOs. His forefathers, over several generations, have been dispensing free herbal medicines for last 800 years. It is a family tradition. Every Sundays and Thursdays people from various parts of Southern India start to queue up in front of his house early in the morning. With the help from his family and aides, Murthy serves his patients. On these days, he treats around 600 to 700 patients troubled by different diseases.


Murthy listens intently for a minute or two before disposing medicines for 15 to 30 days, depending on the ailment, free of cost. The source of his medicines is primarily from different kinds of plants and herbs which he personally collects from the forest during particular days of the week (woody stems, roots, and barks). The patient needs to take these medicines with specific dietary instructions. Sometimes Murthy asks for certain lab reports if the patient is carrying them. Narayana Murthy is the last ray of hope for many terminally ill patients suffering from cancer, heart diseases, and respiratory problems. It is not mandatory for the patient to come to collect the medicine. Relatives or friends can also collect the medicine fortnightly or monthly with lab reports or signs and symptoms of the illness.


Murthy’s expertise in treating cancer, kidney stones and arterial blockages has left everyone astonished. Just a day’s dosage of medicine gives unbelievable results for arterial blockages and kidney stones.

His treatment for certain kinds of cancer has yielded excellent results. These patients need to take 6-8 months of treatment, but certainly has been very effective, provided the patients take the medicine exactly as per the instructions as well as strictly follow dietary restrictions.

There are as many as 15 NGOs working with Murthy in this noble cause. Now, it has been more than 25 years Murthy started serving the people. He has never expected anything in return, and he has never sought any attention or publicity.


In the age of globalization and the allopathic mode of treatment for every disease, some taking up the task of helping thousands of people without any expectation is highly commendable. For diseases like cancer and coronary artery disease, the common man cannot afford to have a good treatment including chemo and radio therapy or surgery, which is very expensive, since they lack healthcare insurance as well.


This is true Nishkaama Karmayoga

(Selfless Service)


We need to do selfless service to purify our mind for progress on the spiritual path.


How to reach there?

One can reach Shimoga from Bangalore via bus or train, around 280 km. From Shimoga, one can reach Narasipura / Narayanpura, which is about 38 km away near Sagar town, by public or private transport.

No prior appointment or any sort of contact required to see Murthy. Service is provided on first-come-first-serve basis starting early morning 7 a.m. every Sundays and Thursdays and sometimes on Wednesdays.

Many are finding this information useful. At the same time, please note the following.

Mr. Murthy can be reached by phone, but he is a very busy person serving hundreds of patients, so it is not fair expecting him to call back anyone. Treatment is absolutely free and provided on first-come-first-serve basis starting early morning 7 a.m. every Sundays and Thursdays. His Cell phone No is +91 8183258033. Contact only on days said and do not expect a call back, as it is humanly impossible.

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  1. Chintu

    May Vaidya Narayana Murthy’s selfless service continue to cure and inspire thousands of people. A great family tradition !

  2. Subarna

    Narayana Murthy is the Great . My big salute and respect to him .

  3. Rashmi Chauhan

    Sir is there any face cream or serum for anti aging you are selling we have received from your name,??

    1. happyalways

      Contact the person on the phone number and address given in the article for any queries on remedies.

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