Affirmations that will Strengthen Us and Enable Us to Face day-to-day Challenges in Life


Everyone in this world, without exception, faces some kind of challenges and struggles in one’s life that at times, one gets bog down. Sometimes the struggle so overwhelms us that we easily slip into a negative mindset. But each day doesn’t have to be a struggle. We have so much more strength in ourselves than we even realize. So, we should not let the day-to-day struggles weaken us.

We may not have control over the way our day goes, but we can control how we feel at the end of it. Therein lies the key to staying strong, positive and upbeat.


Buddha said: “What you think you become. What you feel you attract. What you imagine you create.”


Therefore, the fastest way to become, attract and create awesome, fulfilling and beautiful things is by changing our thoughts.


We need to say a few of these self-affirmations at least once daily to constantly remind ourselves to keep our head up and keep moving forward. 


1) “I can and I will triumph over all challenges.”


There is nothing we can’t overcome! However, sometimes we need to hear ourselves say this out loud before we remember that it really is true.


2) “I deserve the best and I accept it now. All my needs and desires are met before I even ask.” Louise Hay


This quote speaks about the confidence we all need to learn to give ourselves. This confidence can, not only help us in our everyday life, but it also changes the way we see our own lives.

But it can be hard to keep our spirits up when life has its way of pulling us down. This affirmation reminds us that we can be the best and once we accept that, the best will come to us


3) “Every opportunity is a chance to experience something and every experience will help me grow.”


We are shaped by all the experiences in our lives, even the ones we don’t remember. Take every opportunity you can and push it as far as it will take you. There will always be something to be gained from trying. Even negative experiences can have a positive effect on our lives, if we have the ability to learn from them


4) “All the fears I have are just opportunities for me to find my courage.”


This affirmation reminds us that it’s okay to be afraid. Yes, sometimes fear can be immobilizing, but overcoming it is an experience that will strengthen our resolve.

Courage isn’t found in our comfort zone; it is found in the discovery of the unknown and our moments of fear when facing them. The next time you feel afraid of anything, take a deep breath, remember this sentence and find your courage. You might find that the thing you were afraid of wasn’t so frightening after all.


5) “Change is the bridge that allows me to explore new worlds and gain new knowledge and experiences.”


Nobody relishes change. It can often feel like our whole world is turning upside down. But it’s important to remember that change is not our enemy.

Change brought us from yesterday to today. It created the path that we walked on to grow and learn. Tomorrow, it will bring us more opportunities and equip us with the skills to face them head-on.  


6) “Today I am the best version of me. Tomorrow I will be even better.”


This affirmation is to give us two important reminders before we start our day.

The first is that we are incredible as we are. We don’t need to change anything to please others.

The second is to bring us back down to earth, just a little and remind us that even if we don’t need to change anything, we should still embrace every opportunity to be better, simply because we can. We need to keep adapting to changing environment.


7) “There is greatness inside me because I am a part of something much greater than myself.”


In this never-ending expanse that is the universe, we all have moments where we feel small and insignificant. But in the divine scheme of things, each and every being has a purpose, which only that entity can serve. Therefore, never take your existence as insignificant. Your existence does make a difference to at least a few, if not many


8) “I accept myself with all the flaws and weaknesses, but I can convert them into my strengths.”

Nobody is perfect.


Each and every one of us has flaws that make us imperfect. Our inability to accept our flaws causes too much anguish in our lives. Accepting our flaws is the first step in overcoming them. Laugh at yourself, at your behavior and at your antics. Don’t take yourself too seriously.     


9) “Each struggle in my life is a lesson designed to mold me into who I am meant to be.”


Out of endless possibilities, things in our lives happened the way they did, to make us who we are today.

The life you have lived is one that only you could have lived. All the things that have happened in your life have been custom-made to sculpt you into the amazing person you are today.


10) “Today I will let go of the pain and lose what burdens me, and look to the joy and love that will uplift me. I know that old, negative patterns no longer limit me. I let them go with ease.”

Let go.


No one can let go of pain overnight. But tell yourself this once a day and every day, try and let go of a little bit more. Every day, give yourself at least one new reason to smile.

One day, some day, when you least expect it, you will wake up in the morning with your shoulders feeling lighter 


11) “My mind is open, my heart is full and I embrace everything life has to give me next.”


When we put up walls around us, be they mental or physical, we shut ourselves away from so many possibilities.

When we accept all possibilities, cherish what we have and take a leap of faith to see what the future holds, come what may, we can make impossible things happen and make all the lives we touch a little better


12) “There is nothing in the past that can hold me back and nothing in the future that will stop me from moving forward.”

Be Optimistic.


We can never forget our past, but that doesn’t mean it has to weigh us down. Our past was once the present and here and now we are in the future. It is proof that all the things the future has to offer that seem scary could one day become a part of you. 


13) “Even on the darkest days, I can still see and I know there is still light.”


There can be some down-and-out moments in life. There are times when we wonder where all the good has gone. Just believing can be enough to get us through the worst, because it helps us keep our eyes open. We can’t see the light if we close our eyes.

Persevere, never ever give up.


14) “Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.” – Reinhold Niebuhr

Common sense in an uncommon degree is wisdom.


There will always be things beyond our control, but the more we fight to regain that control, the more destructive our minds become. We must learn to endure cheerfully what cannot be cured. We should believe in ourselves and we will gain in terms of patience, inner strength and will power.


We can, we must, we will

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