The Interview….


By Jayson Familara

Jimmy is an automotive mechanic, but he has not worked for some time now. He always has a good heart, but always feared applying for a new job. One day, he gathered up all his strength and finally decided he will attend an interview. All dressed up in a neat white shirt and slacks pants, he went on his way.

His appointment was at 10 a.m. and it’s already 8:30. While waiting for a bus to ride going to the office where he is supposed to be interviewed. He saw an elderly man frantically kicking the tire of his car. Obvious that the there is something wrong with the car, Jimmy offered to help the old man with the problem. While he was working on the car, Jimmy told the old man that he was supposed to go to an interview as a mechanic in one company but would probably miss it because he would not be able to make it on time.

When Jimmy finished working on the old man’s car, the old man asked him how much for the service. Jimmy said there’s no need to pay him because it was not work for him, just helped someone in need.

“Well, I could offer to take you to the office for your interview. It’s the least I could do, Please I insist.” So he agreed.

At the waiting room of the Company Jimmy has applied for, there was a long line of applicants waiting to be interviewed, and he was told that the interviewer was late. A sigh of relief for Jimmy, but other applicants looked over to him because he still has some grease on him left after the car repair. He did not have much time to wash it off or have a change of shirt. One by one, the applicants left the interviewer’s office with gloomy looks on their faces, a sign of disappointment.

Then his name was called, the secretary him escorted to the office. A cup of coffee was served for him; the interviewer was sitting on an executive chair facing towards the office window. Rocking the executive chair back and forth he asked, “Do you really need to be interviewed?”

Jimmy’s heart sank.

The room suddenly became a confined space for him. “With the way I look now, how could I possibly pass this interview?” he thought to himself.

Then the interviewer turned the chair and to Jimmy’s surprise, it was the old man he helped earlier in the morning. It turned out; he was the General Manager of the company Jimmy was applying at.

“Sorry I had to keep you waiting, but I was pretty sure I made the right decision of having you as part of our workforce before you even stepped into this office. I just know you’d be a trustworthy worker, congratulations.”

Jimmy sat down as they shared a cup of well-deserved coffee as he landed himself a new job.

The good we do, always comes back to us!


Each and every action that we perform; the smallest and the most insignificant, whether good or bad, positive or negative, all return to us in the same measure, intensity and power by which it was expressed. There is absolutely no escape from it. Our negative karma-s give us negative results and our positive karma-s give us positive results. We have absolutely no one to blame for the problems in our lives, but our own past karma-s.


Life always gives us back what we give out.


Do well and don’t ever stop doing good, even if it is not appreciated at all or on the contrary, are criticized for it.

Always performing positive karma is good, but doing selfless karma-s is even better. The best is doing karma-s without doer-ship notionnot an easy thing.

Whatever good we do to others we are actually doing it to ourselves.


Every moment we meet the results of our own karma-s.

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