Six Principles of Life….

  • No point using limited life to chase unlimited wealth.

  • No point earning so much money we cannot live to spend it, unless we decide to give it all away in charity before death. If we don’t spend it, we leave it for our relatives to fight over it.

  • Money that we have does not belong to us until we spend it. Only the money which we actually spend belongs to us

  • No point working so hard to provide for people you have no time to spend with.

  • When we are young, at the cost of our health we chase the wealth; when we are old we use our wealth to buy back our health. Can we get it back? It is too late. 

  • How happy a person is, does not depend on how much that person has, but on how little that person needs. Hoarding wealth without a capacity to enjoy is like a bald man collecting combs.

Remember: We come into this world with nothing except our karma-s, we leave this world with nothing except our karma-s and spiritual saadhanaa (practices)!


 Alone I can say, but together we can shout.

Alone I can sing, but together we can have chorus.

Alone I can smile, but together we can laugh.

Alone I can enjoy, but together we can celebrate!

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4 thoughts on “Six Principles of Life….

  1. mubareka

    Alone I can give, but together we can donate!

    1. happyalways

      Good thought….

  2. Sanjay chauhan

    Swamiji Hari Aum..!
    All 6 principal are very true, and up to mark but besides knowing this nobody wants to accept…
    If suppose i accept but convincing my family members becomes a very tough job..and many times next to imposible…since todays living standard have changed so much, and nobody tries to accept.
    All peoples i feel are always in a race, when it comes to finance, nobody wants the money just to fulfill his needs, but want to earn more then what is his requirement..

  3. Chintu

    Principles one should think over deeply and gain insight, and benefit from them.Vauable thoughts.

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