Two Things That Pierce the Human Heart and Other Messages…


1) There are 2 things that pierce the human heart:

Moments we wish would last forever and

Moments we wish had never begun.

Today’s life is only for today. Enjoy every moment because even today’s newspaper will become tomorrow’s waste paper.


2) Making the first move to patch things up need not always come from the one who made the mistake. It can come from the one who understands.


3) Money says: Earn me, forget everything.

Time says: Follow me, forget everything.

Future says: Struggle for me, forget everything.

God simply says: Stay with Me, you will have everything.

Put God first, Life may be tough, but the value we gain from trials make it all worth the journey.


4) Another day, another challenge awaits us…Don’t forget to wear your greatest gear in life…PRAYER.

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